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Friday Fame: Erin Fetherston

Erin Fetherston was first discovered in January of 2005 when she debuted her own line during the Haute Couture Shows. She is a designer with a unique, whimsical and fairy-like vision for the styles she creates. You may have even seen actresses like Anne Hathaway, Wynona Ryder, or Zooey Daschanel wearing her pieces. From my research, I discovered that Erin also had an exclusive collection at Target back in 2007! Could we go back in time please?

Here are some pieces that I personally like that I've chosen from her more recent collections. You can find many more of her designs and learn more about her at Erin Fetherson.com.


- Orange Chiffon Marianne Dress -

- Caroline Dress in Lilac Chiffon -

- LouLou Evening Dress in Copper Metallic Wool and Black Dot Devore -


- Hutton Trench in Floral Cloque -

- Sleeveless Peignoir Dress in Cherry Blossom Chiffon -

- Mia Shift Dress in Midnight Cherry Blossom Chiffon -

If you just now discovered who she is, I hope you enjoyed learning more about her. Share with me which of her designs you like!