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The absence of Fall

Yesterday I was wearing something similiar to what you see above when suddenly I decided I wanted to do an outfit post. So, I changed what I was wearing a bit and did a quick side pony tail since my hair was rather messy from the wind and trying on scarves at Forever 21 earlier. I'm not sure it looks much better, so let's just focus on the outfit shall we?

What I'm wearing...

Green Floral Lace Top from Target
Black Skirt from Old Navy
Black Heels from Payless
Black XOXO Bag from dd's Discounts

As you can see, the pieces that make this outfit are from all over. I've had this lace top from Target forever. I have only worn it a handful of times though, so when I wear it I don't feel like it's all that old. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. It's really a gorgeous top with amazing details and I fall in love every time I put it on. I believe the XOXO bag is legit, but I never looked into it. I think I found it for around $10.00 at the discount store. What a deal!

Yes, I'm still wearing skirts, dresses, and tank tops while trying to stay cool. Over the weekend it got extremely hot here (I think Saturday it was 107 out!). Basically, this is what the absense of Fall looks like where I live. I'm lseriously beyond anxious for the Fall weather to arrive and stay a while!

I hope you ladies had a wonderful weekend! Let me know if you did anything fun!