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MAC Venomous Villains

I thought this post would be fitting considering I just posted about the Dooney & Burke Disney Bags on Friday. Yes, I truly love Disney, and make-up of course ;)

As from WWD.com:

MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Disney to create a limited edition color collection, intended to launch globally in late September in all MAC locations. The products will feature four Disney characters, on which the brand is keeping mum at the moment — although with a collection name of Venomous Villains, it is assumed that we’re not talking Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse here. Lipstick, powder, lip gloss and blush shades will be sold, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50.

And thanks to CoCo Perez for this information:

The colors for the 40 item collection were developed from Pantone reproductions of original Disney drawings. Jennifer Balbier, VP of MAC's product development added: "Disney gave us the colors used when these characters were drawn throughout their history."

Jennifer revealed that Cruella and the Evil Queen are more "real woman" colors that include red lips and peachy blush, while Maleficient is "pure fantasy" with purples and darker shades.

The newest villain to the Disney family, Dr. Facilier, will make his debut with MAC's Magically Cool Liquid Powders. The featherlight powder "goes on like a mist and either sets or enhances foundation".

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Since this bit of information has been posted, we have been told that the collection will be available on September 30th!

My favorite villain is Maleficent so I'm really excited about this new line and can't wait to see what the products look like! Temptalia has an incredibly detailed list of all the products that will be available and they sound amazing!

You can also go to this link on the MAC COSMETICS website to watch a Teaser Trailer for the new line and sign up for email updates.