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Costume Love: Daniel Deronda

Several weeks ago I watched Daniel Deronda, the beautiful BBC miniseries based on George Eliot's 1876 novel and starring Romola Garai, Hugh Dancy and Jodhi May. I'm still amazed by the costumes! The colors and the details are so amazing. This is one of the many reasons why I think I was born in the wrong century!

This post is all about Romola's costumes, because hers had the most spectacular details. She had so many of these darling little hats, they were such a fun accessory and so different from the other costume dramas I've watched.

I love these colours on her. The peachy pink tones in the dress compliment her complexion so well. She has such a fresh and sunny look in this entire miniseries.

The turquoise jewelry is fantastic, and again the color makes her look so radiant. I also love the understated, natural make-up. So pretty!

This is one of my favorites, her riding outfit. I love the coat so much, with those big buttons.

And a shot of her hair is necessary, because it's just as ornate as the dresses she wears.

I can't imagine how much time these hairstyles must have taken. Could you imagine living in an era when women put this sort of time and detail into their look every day?

Out of curiosity, if you could live in a different era of fashion, which would you choose?