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Painted Black

Last night as I was looking through my nail polish I came upon a black glittery color from Wet 'n' Wild. To my knowledge they still carry nail polish but I know the bottles must've been updated by now. I think I got that color when I was in Jr. High or High school! My toe nails had previously been a dark blue and I desperately needed to paint them again. So, I chose the black glittery color (I don't think I ever used it before) and liked how it turned out so much that I decided to paint my finger nails the same color.

Now, I usually use the colored nail polish only on my toes. I like to stick with light nude or glossy colors on my fingernails just because of how much I fail at painting them. Yes, it's true! I did my finger nails over and over last night! I was literally getting the black all over my fingers. They didn't come out perfect, but I guess they're good enough!

I honestly love the black. It's something different and fun. At first I was thinking it might look a little Goth-like which I didn't want but I think the length of my nails and my pretty wedding ring make it look more feminine than I expected (lol!).

Try new things and not just with nail polish! You just might like the results!