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New Straightener

A couple of weeks ago my straightener (which lasted a long time) decided to die on me. I had the Wet 2 Straight Ceramic by Remington. I never really used it on my hair when it was wet, although sometimes I'd use it on my bangs when they were slightly damp and it worked perfectly.

Anyhow, I wasn't able to spend a lot on a new one at the moment (there are some great straighteners that are unfortunately priced around $100.00) so I checked the Ulta online store and ended up purchasing this...

It's the Studio Titanium/Ceramic Digital also by Remington which includes:

- 220°C/430°F Salon High Heat
- 30 Second Instant Heat
- Auto Shutoff
- 2 1/4" Wide Plates
- Curved edge plates to create volume at the root or curve and flick the tips.

It's $39.99 on the website, but I got it on sale for $32.00. Not too bad and it's a lot better for my hair than what I had before. Here is what the website says about it...

Salon quality hair tool that both straightens by sealing the hair cuticle to repel humidity and static for a frizz-free style. Ultra smooth tourmaline-titanium-ceramic plate allows for even heat distribution and smooth glide. Plates are 22 percent longer for faster styling. Equipped with variable heat control buttons, turbo boost high-heat function, switch lock, automatic safety shut-off, and swivel cord.

I was sure to read all the reviews before I made my purchase. There are 19 of them on the website and most of the buyers greatly recommended it!

This straightener works great! It's amazing how gently and very smoothly it straightens each section of my hair. It almost feels like nothing when I'm using it. The girly brown and pink combination is perfect as well as the texture of it. I don't know what it is, but it's so soft and makes it even more fun! I realize how that might sound weird, but I get excited!

I was really shocked at how quickly it heated up and how HOT it got. I actually slightly burned my finger, which reminds me... I burnt myself while straightening my bangs and realized I had to be extra careful since I am not using a smaller flat iron like the 1" Sleek and Curl they also carry. I wondered if it was going to be a problem using this thicker plate on my bangs since I have some shorter pieces but it wasn't. I definitely recommend lowering the temperature when working with smaller layers! I'm sure it'd be easier using a smaller plate to style my bangs, but I'm doing pretty good with this one for now.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase! Which straighteners do you use?