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Friday Fame: Keira Knightley

While there are a few things about Keira Knightley that irritate me, there are photos she has taken and roles she has played that I really like. I've been browsing through many photos of her and I found many that I have never seen and thought I'd share a few of them with you. They are from Keira-Knightley.org.

These first two are from Flare Magazine which were taken almost two years ago...

Doesn't she look like a Porcelain Doll? I love the color and pattern of the dress. I think this would've been lovely taken in the forest or some place real green.

I love her hair, and the design of the dress looks very unique and fun. I wish there was a full body shot so we could what the rest of it looks like!

I am not sure when this was taken or which magazine it was in, but I love it. The pearls add so much "classy" to this shot.

Is there a photoshoot of Keira Knightley or a magazine scan that you really love? Share it with us!