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Friday Fame: Janelle Monáe

To call Janelle Monáe a rising star in the music industry would just be inappropriate; the singer/songwriter/dancer makes it clear that the only world she has to rise in is the one of her own creation.

And she has created her own world, too. It’s called Metropolis. It takes place nearly seven hundred years from now and in it resides an android named Cindi Mayweather, who happens to be Janelle’s muse and alter-ego. The fictitious Cindi and her story provide the foundation for Janelle’s music, which fuses just about every genre under the sun. It’s the perfect example of how invested she is in her own imagination and how she uses her creativity to mold her life into something as unique and original as she is.

You can read more about her music and the concept behind it on her Wikipedia page, but I’d like to take this Friday Fame to showcase her wonderful style and personality.

“I like being able to inspire as many people as I possibly can. I want to inspire them to figure out what their goals and aspirations are and be passionate about the right things and really follow your dreams. I think anything can happen, the impossible is possible.”

“That's what I've always been fighting for - making sure that people love themselves for who they are, and we don't pick on people because we're uncomfortable with ourselves, or who they are. That's been my message, from when I was young to now. There are lots of young girls out there who are struggling with their identities… afraid of being discriminated against or teased. I take risks and use my imagination so that other people will feel free and take risks. That's my hope.”

I love how she seems to have taken inspiration from Marlene Dietrich by putting a feminine spin on a tuxedo look. Combined with her iconic pompadour, it makes for a delightfully retro and whimsical fashion statement. Her personality is just as refreshing and classy. Aside from creating fun and unique music, Janelle is truly an inspiration on what it means to be yourself and follow your dreams.