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Her Universe

Her Universe is a brand new Star Wars clothing line just for females! I'm sure we have a few female fans who read our blog so I wanted to share this great news with you!

There aren't a lot of products on the website right now but there are certainly enough beautiful items to get you interested in checking back for when more great things arrive! There are going to be many new shirt additions, hats, jewelry, and even Lightsaber lipgloss! I've also read that the color "pink" will eventually be seen and that there should be sizes for the little girls as well.

I love that the items are designed for the female body. It seems that they could easily be sold at a place like H&M (some of you may have noticed a few Star Wars t-shirts there before) or even Target. I can't wait to order something, and I'm really hoping they make an Anakin & Padme shirt (my favorite couple from the galaxy).

Now, the prices might not make you too happy and that's totally understandable. Thankfully Ashley Eckstein, creator of Her Universe and voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars addressed this concern in one of her blog posts...

1) The garments- These are not basic tees. They are all specially made for the female body and are higher quality shirts than what we are used to getting as female fans. They are all very soft and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, these garments are more expensive than a basic t-shirt. I do believe that once you see one of our shirts and wear one, you will notice the difference.

2) Quantity- Because we are a new business, we are not making shirts in mass quantities. Our order numbers are much smaller than the major retailers and that makes our price per garment go up.

Let us know what you think of Her Universe. Which shirt is your favorite? What else would you like to see?