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The Brow Factor

Eyebrows can be some tricky business, and that’s why I thank my lucky stars that brow salvation exists in Anastasia Beverly Hills. Brow buff Anastasia Soare has proven that your dream eyebrow look is attainable with her line of endless eyebrow products and tools. Remember the line from The Princess Diaries that Paolo says to Mia: “If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx their child would have your eyebrows.”? I used to repeat that in my head every morning whenever I reached the dreaded eyebrow stage of my daily make-up ritual. Lucky for me, Anastasia was busy on her mission of fabulosity, ready to rid the world of such criticisms!

I first happened across Anastasia Beverly Hills some years ago in a magazine advertisement; I instantly rushed out to my local ULTA and bought the 5-Piece All About Brows Kit in Brunette, pictured at the top of this entry. Here’s a more in-depth look at what the kit includes…

The tweezers are magnificently durable and the angled tip makes for precise and pain-free plucking. (Say that five times fast!) The duo brush eliminates the hassle of hunting for eyebrow-grooming tools. Everything you need is on that little wand! The spooley shapes your eyebrows into your desired style and the angled brush applies brow color precisely, allowing for both super-skinny and naturally bushy looks. I’ve never been very good with eyebrow stencils so those didn’t appeal to me much, but I have used them on occasion and with nice results. The powder duo is a dream come true. Of course, you can always match a standard eyeshadow to your brow color, but Anastasia’s shadows are lightweight and especially made to match most hair colors. The brow gel adds an excellent finishing touch, keeping your brows in place throughout the day.

The All About Brows kit comes in several different shades so you’re sure to find one befitting your hair color. For more information on the brand and to search the products, check out the Anastasia Beverly Hills pages at Sephora.com.

While we’re on the subject of eyebrows, here’s a little overview of some world-famous brows:

(image credit: weheartit)

Are you a Garbo or a Monroe? An Edie or a Marlene? Say goodbye to Frida and Kahlo and embrace the power of the brow!