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African Youth Development and Health Foundation,

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Establish, Prevent and Maintain a comprehensive and efficient healthcare delivery to the youth and underserved communities

Provide opportunities and inspire the Youth through Education, Employment and Empowerment 


We recently asked our followers at our Tumblr where their favorite place to shop is. We received many responses and Forever 21 was rarely not mentioned. Here are some of their answers...

amietastic: Forever 21, H&M, DSW, PacSun

iamlexluther: Forever 21 and Karmaloop

thewildfeline: Thrift stores!

peace-love-alnaika: When I am in the US...it's Forever 21 and a little shop called Dots. Here where I live I like shopping at a store called Gatspy n Zara.

lovesolitudes: Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe

brooklyntree: For dream purchases - Anthropolgie, for day to day needs for cheap - Charlotte Russe/Forever21.

ineloquenttidbits: Forever 21, Francesca’s, & Nordstrom

calsaysmoo: Heritage (branch of Forever 21)

marie-cher: Ambrecrombie & Fitch

Forever 21 is definitely the most popular answer and I can understand why. There are so many different lines and styles to choose from and the prices are amazing! Who wouldn't love a place where they had something for everyone at great prices?

A couple of the stores listed I have never even heard of, like Karmaloop and Gatspy n Zara. Huh? I think I'll Google them! I was also very surprised not to see anyone say Target. I know so many people who love to shop for clothes there but I guess Forever 21 steals many hearts...

How about you? Where is your favorite place to shop?