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Eurovision Style!

For those of you not in the know, Eurovision is possibly the greatest thing that mankind has ever invented. To summarize Eurovision: Eurovision is a song contest where countries from all over Europe submit a song and perform it. There are often crazy costumes, insane dancers, wind machines, flashing lights, strange instruments and occasionally flames. Anyway, I thought that it would be fun to create a post full of the most ridiculous costumes so we could laugh and enjoy the spectacle that is Eurovision.

First up is Moldova. Their entry was one of my favorites, but they ended up only placing 22nd (out of 25). Check out the sax player's neon blue pants and stunna shades! And you have to love the female singer's bizarre eye make up and metallic dress with what appears to be a blue Furby on her shoulder!

Another entry that I loved was Romania. Why yes, that IS a transparent piano and the female singer IS wearing a pleather jumpsuit. But she IS playing piano on a piano that lights on fire. And if that's not style, what is?

Next up is the entry for Azerbaijan. The singer is wearing a dress with LED lights in it. I don't know if the picture shows that too well, but there it is. Also, take note of the windmachine.

Ukraine's entry was interesting. It started with the singer wearing a black hood, she then threw it back to reveal this neutral toned dress and her crazy crazy lace up shoes. Oh and in case you couldn't tell, there was a wind machine involved.

Belarus contributed to the insanity by making their song (about metaphorical butterflies and imagination and dreams etc) into literal costumes.

Denmark was the final entry of the night and maybe I've been looking at Eurovision videos and entries for too long... because I kind of like this. I like the floaty bits and the black and the silver. I mean it is still insane, but I like it.

Finally, I should mention the winner this year, Lena from Germany. Her costume was utterly boring by Eurovision standards. But she did win. So maybe the message to future Eurovision entries is "less is more" (please let this not be true! It's not Eurovision without the insanity!).

Would you guys ever wear any of these costumes? Were there any that you loved in a weird kind of way? Isn't Eurovision the best thing ever? (And unrelated to style or fashion, which entries were your favorite?)

If you want to actually watch these performances, I would go to this youtube channel and sort the videos by date added to find HQ versions of the performances.

Image Credit: www.eurovision.tv