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Crystal Bowersox

American Idol is down to the final four with another actually going home tonight. I realized Crystal is one of the females I didn't write about from the show and thought I'd share with you my thoughts on her style.

Her hair honestly annoys me a lot of the time and I wouldn't wear most of the stuff she chooses but I will say that everything she wears suits her and her personality. She's completely sweet and honest and her honesty is shown through what she chooses to wear each week. She's not afraid to be herself and I admire that.

With that said, there have been a couple weeks where she came out looking ready to receive a music award! This dress below is one of my favorite dresses she has worn.

Doesn't she look fantastic? I love the lacey look and the embroidered designs. Her up-do could've been a little more controlled, but it's Crystal! Speaking of her hair, I'm a huge fan of the less wild look in this photo.

Now that is just beautiful. I mean, look at the difference between that photo and the first one I posted. What a lovely little lady!

I'm going to end this post with one of my favorite photos of Crystal. I feel it perfectly portrays her sweetness and I love how the soft light brings out a very angelic side of her. She looks so calm and beautiful, and I actually like the way her hair is done.

What do you think of Crystal's style? Would you also like to see her without the dreads?