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Forever 21 Twist: Twisted Wonderland- My Top 13!

Everyone seems to be chomping at the bit for a piece of Alice in Wonderland flare. Recently, Forever 21 decided to dedicate and entire segment to this whimsically beautiful icon. Here are some pieces that I cannot live with out!

 I love many of the icons often associated with Alice in Wonderland. Many styles associated with the icon herself, usually consist of vintage twists, pocket watches, whimsically dreamy color combinations, bows, ruffles, tea cups; Its all too whimsical for me to pass up!

1. (Painted Rose Sweater, $22.80/ Satin Grosgain Striped Skirt, $22.80/ Kathy Holiday Peep Toe Heel, $20.80): This outfit was too fun to pass up. I love the deep red, water color accents in the blouse; I could use this with any other combination from my closet to dress up an ensemble. I'm crazed for anything with bows, so the skirt is complete win.  I'm not a big fan of the socks with the heels, but the heels alone, and the vibrant blue color helped persuade me.

2. Timepiece Striped Sweater Top, $19.80: I'm in love with timepieces, so to have a bright pink one paired with black and white stripes is very funky. Great to 'swankify' your jeans, or even a skirt!

3 & 4. (Dinah Cardigan, $14.80/ Cheshire Cardigan $22.80): First of all, the names for these two pieces had me intrigued from the beginning. I'm in love with designers who are able to translate literary characters into an art form. I'm also a cardigan fiend because they can really bring out an outfit, especially little baby doll dresses! Dinah is lovely with the large black bow, perfect for work, or adding that special touch to a proper outfit. Chesire really caught my eye because of its vibrant colors, and how they mesh in an odd way. The bow's little accents are skeleton keys. Very quirky!

5. Queen of Hearts Tunic, $19.80: This tunic is very fun. I love the accents around the neckline!

6. Vintage Lace Tier Dress, $27.80- This little dress is adorable, and perfect for one of the Cardigans above! Vintage is love!

7 & 8. Solitaire Tights Tee, $17.80/ Key Charm Knit Top, $14.80: The puffed sleeves and ruffles in the Tights of Solitaire are lovely! Girly and funky! The Key Charm Top had me with the little key accents sewn into the petals around the neckline!

9-11. (Fab Satin Bow Pins, $1.50/ Fingerless Lace Gloves, $4.80/ Ample Jewel Bracelet, $8.80)
Out of all of the accessories showcased in the line, these three items really showcased the whimsical styles that are often inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The Bracelet is so colorful, great for adding that pop of color. I'm batty for bows, so I thought the pins were an adorable addition for the kid at heart. The Fingerless gloves are the icing on the cake as they mix a kind of Victorian flare with and edgy, punk style. There's nothing better to me than mixing edgy styles with ladylike vintage influences.

12 &13. Feather and Tulle Headband, $4.80/Classy Motley Necklace, $7.80: This headband reminded me of  headdresses from the twenties, very dramatic yet fun! The necklace reminded me of a time when I would raid my mom or grandmother's jewelry box, throwing all sorts of styles together in a haphazard but somehow meshing blend. Charm necklaces are very quirky and give you the chance to show lots of different qualities in an outfit.

It was so hard deciding on my final picks from the Alice in Wonderland segment of Forever 21 Twist. Even now, I find myself going back to the website and seeing other items I wish I included. Thankfully, we don't really have to choose! Visit Forever 21 to view more styles from the look book.

Image Credits: Forever 21.com