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Boho Magazine is Eco-Fabulous

Happy Earth Day, ladies! I thought today would be an appropriate day to post about a magazine I’ve recently stumbled across. I’ve been feeling a bit bored with American fashion magazines lately, craving the whimsy and charm of overseas confections such as Lula and Frankie, so when I spotted Boho magazine sitting in all its delightfully modesty on the magazine rack in my local supermarket, I was curious and, upon viewing the very first page I flipped to, completely thrilled. Boho is a must-have for every eco-conscious fashionista – or for every fashionista who would like to learn to be eco-conscious. It caters to “green” fashion and an eco-friendly lifestyle, achieving a perfect and comfortable balance between mainstream and indie fashions. Boho is classy, charming, artsy and utterly stylish.

Free. Radical. Independent.
Her style is her own.
It's personal, existential.

Her only fear is convention.
Her only weakness, shoes.
The bump on her nose adds character,
the scar on her shoulder adds strength,
the curl in her hair adds attitude.
There is no such thing as imperfection,
just originality.

Unmovable, Unshakeable, Unstoppable,
She is America's next top role model.
Someone both inspired and inspiring.
She embraces her spirituality,
aspires to her dreams,
lives through her passions.
She is a world changer.
She is bohemian.
She is a boho girl.

There’s something vintage and – dare I say it – natural about the photographs, graphics and the overall vibe of the magazine that I absolutely adore. Boho gives you fashion, whimsy, charm, and, in this particular issue, Paris and macarons! It was precisely what I was looking for with the added bonus of educating me a little more on how easy it is to be green.