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Lacey Brown

Many were probably sad to see Lacey Brown leave the Top 12 of American Idol last night. She really had a lovely, unique voice and an overall very sweet personality, not to mention a gorgeous face! I don't think she should've been the winner, but I can think of a couple of people who should've gone before her.

But let's not get into that. I'm actually posting to talk about a couple of her fashion choices. There would've been more, but it's been so darn hard to find pictures of her online. If any of you have links or other pictures of her you like, feel free to comment with them!

Last night she almost looked perfect in this cream colored lacie top, black skirt, tights and heels. Except, what was going on with that off-the-shoulder striped shirt underneath? Definitely not a good match. And is that a dark chocolate belt, or is it black? Not sure, but either way she still looked gorgeous, even with the stripes which were so out of place.

Another favorite of mine would have to be this great color combo of peachy orange and animal print...

This user did a FANTASTIC job of recreating the outfit she wore just a couple of weeks ago. I'm not into animal printed clothing at all, but I'm actually dying to try something like this. It's beautiful and fun!

What do you think? Were there other Idol Contestants who stood out to you in the past week or so?