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By Lauren Luke

I dont know about you but I know I have had enough of being made to feel inadequate by today’s beauty standards.” - Lauren Luke
by lauren luke
I have recently discovered a wonderful new makeup artist. Lauren Luke is truly a wunderkind to the beauty world, as the basis of her career started with Youtube tutorials & to show women how to recreate the looks of their favorite celebrities! Hailing from a small town in England, she was always drawn to vibrant colors as a young girl, and thus began her love for makeup!

She posted her first Youtube video in 2007, and now, not only is she one of the most watched on the website, she has launched her own successful makeup line entitled, By Lauren Luke, and has two new books on the shelves!

Lauren Luke is truly an inspiration to me because, she represents all of us who feel as if the faces seen in magazines are not an accurate representation of every woman. She is a symbol that all women can embrace makeup; it does not have to feel like a complicated enigma that is reserved only to high fashion models or celebrities. Even with her newfound fame, I love tuning in to her channel, because it's like talking cosmetics with your girlfriends as you spot a look in a glossy you would love to imitate! My favorite tutorial is the one on Hayley Williams in the music video, Misery Business!

Along with tutorials, she also does videos on her top makeup picks, tools, and how-to's on eyeliner, or applying false eyelashes.

From her makeup line, I am most excited to purchase, 'My Vintage Glams,' because I adore vintage inspired looks. Her palette line includes: My Smokey Classics, My Lucious Greens, My Sultry Blues, and My Fierce Violets. Each palette includes two eyeshadow primers, three eye shadows, two lip colors,  one eyeliner, and one blush. The awesome thing is the price: $32.50; much less expensive than a palette by other leading brands. She also has a line of brushes coming out that I'm dying to own!

For more on Lauren Luke, please visit her website: By Lauren Luke, and her Youtube channel: Pancea81.

Have you purchased any of her products, or watched any of her tutorials? Let us know what you think!

Image credit: 1. Polyvore collage. 2. By Lauren Luke.